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Embodying a more traditionally masculine aesthetic

If you are a client in the Vancouver, WA area who is seeking to sculpt and define the chest area, top surgery with Dr. Gabriel can help you to achieve the chiseled, streamlined physique you desire, while also providing a huge boost in self-confidence. Dr. Gabriel and his team offer a compassionate, trans-friendly office environment along with cutting edge care and natural-looking outcomes that blend seamlessly with your existing contours.

Dr. Gabriel’s approach to top surgery will depend on your chest size and the amount of tissue, skin and fat that needs to be removed. The position of the nipple areolar complex will also be taken into consideration.

If the chest is smaller, Dr. Gabriel may elect to use a periareolar incision coupled with liposuction. For larger chests, he typically employs a double incision along the inframammary fold and around the nipple, and nipple grafts. Dr. Gabriel always does his best to minimize post-operative scarring.

Before moving forward with top surgery, each patient will undergo an in-depth consultation, full blood work from the laboratory, a physical exam and thorough review of medical and surgical history, and pre-operative photos.

Benefits of top surgery include…

  • A flatter, firmer chest
  • Reduction of upper body excess fat
  • A more masculine look to the chest
  • Increased sense of authenticity and self-confidence
  • A better fit in tight clothing
  • The chance to feel comfortable taking one’s shirt off in public

Who makes a good candidate for FTM top surgery?

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has set the following guidelines:

  • Patients should exhibit continual gender dysphoria that is well-documented
  • Patients should be able to fully consent to surgery and make an informed, educated decision
  • Patients should be free from any major medical or psychological issues that cannot be reasonably controlled at the time of treatment.

Additional requirements include:

  • Patients should be non-smokers, or willing to quit prior to surgery
  • Patients should have realistic expectations for their outcome

What can I expect from my recovery?

After surgery, Dr. Gabriel may place drainage tubes on each side of your chest to help excise excess fluids. You may also be asked to wear a compression garment for around one week, which helps to reduce swelling and maintain the new shape of the chest.

All sutures, dressings and drains will be removed in about one week and you will get a chance to visit with Dr. Gabriel once more for the moment of truth when you first see your new physique.

While strenuous activity including aerobics and weightlifting is discouraged after surgery, you will be able to walk around and stay active. After 6 weeks, Dr. Gabriel will give you instructions on how to begin more vigorous exercise.

What’s my next step?

Dr. Gabriel has helped thousands of body contouring clients in Vancouver, WA to gain a sense of confidence and assurance in their appearance, while providing stunning outcomes that are perfectly tailored to the patient’s specifications. Call our offices today to schedule a confidential consultation and start your journey towards a more authentic self-expression.

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