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Body sculpting that leaves you toned, slim and in the shape of your life

The term body contouring is an umbrella phrase for many different procedures that all work to slim, tone and reshape the torso for a more youthful, proportionate aesthetic.

Body contouring can be especially helpful in combatting the aftereffects of massive weight loss, which can result in a surplus of skin laxity. Alongside popular options like tummy tucks, liposuction, arm lifts, Dr. Gabriel also offers comprehensive packages such as the highly sought-after mommy makeover.

Dr. Gabriel will meet with clients for a confidential consultation, during which he will perform a physical evaluation and a thorough review of your medical and surgical history in order to create a customized plan of action for resolving your most troublesome aesthetic concerns. Dr. Gabriel is known for results that are both visually stunning and natural-looking and will perform arguably the best body contouring Vancouver, WA has to offer.

Details of the procedures

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck is among the most popular and effective plastic surgery procedures in the world, and can work wonders where dieting and exercise have failed to produce significant changes. A tummy tuck can tighten the six-pack muscles, while providing a flat belly and increased confidence in one’s appearance.

Thigh lift

A thigh lift can be instrumental in toning and slimming both the inner and outer thighs that are bulging and have a high fat content. Dr. Gabriel will excise excess fat, skin and tissue, concealing the incisions with care and giving you a more youthful lower body silhouette.


During the liposuction procedure, unwanted fat is suctioned out of the body through a slender tube known as a cannula. Dr. Gabriel performs many different variations of the liposuction treatment, including tumescent lipo, SmartLipo with laser technology, and ultrasound lipo. He will help choose the best method for your needs and body type, with the end goal of achieving a more shapely, proportionate physique overall.


After massive weight loss, there may be an accumulation of excess skin that hangs down and obscures the groin. This may cause undue chaffing, irritation and embarrassment. A panniulectomy removes this burden, freeing the lower body from surplus skin and improving one’s confidence.

Arm lift

With the aging process typically comes drooping contours, sagging skin and a depletion of fat volume. An arm lift is effective in toning the upper arms, creating a more attractive look in swimwear and sleeveless clothing. Incisions are well-hidden in the folds of the armpit and are virtually undetectable. Results from an arm lift are long-lasting and sustainable, so you can enjoy your new appearance for years to come.

Brazilian butt lift

Aging, weight loss and poor genes can all contribute to a flat, unappealing rear end. During the Brazilian butt lift procedure, fat is extracted from a donor area of the body such as the hips, thighs or abdomen, and is purified and sterilized. The fat is then injected into the buttocks to create a more round, full profile that appears highly natural and youthful.

What’s my next step?

If you’re interested in body contouring, contact Dr. Gabriel today to learn more about how body contouring can help restore your figure after massive weight loss, or in response to the inevitable aging process.

During your initial session, Dr. Gabriel will take all the time necessary to answer your questions and concerns in depth, including those on the topics of cost, financing and insurance; risks and benefits; recovery and downtime; and what you can realistically hope to expect from your final outcome.

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