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Paying for cosmetic procedures is understandably one of the most common concerns when considering plastic surgery. In fact, financial concerns may even stop you from scheduling a consultation. Dr. Gabriel understands the desire to change your body in a positive way, but also empathizes with those who need some financial assistance. We offer many different ways to pay for your procedure, including financing options for those who want to pay over time.

How can I pay for my cosmetic procedure?

There are many different options for covering the cost of your procedure. In some cases, insurance may cover part of your procedure if it is deemed medically necessary. When paying out of pocket, you may choose to pay for the procedure upfront to avoid a monthly payment. If you have any questions regarding methods of payment, feel free to call us any time. We also accept CareCredit for those looking to pay off their treatment over time.

What can I do if my insurance doesn’t cover my procedure?

It is common for cosmetic procedures to not be covered under insurance. Purely cosmetic changes without a medical need are not likely to be covered under your policy. Without assistance from insurance, you will be responsible for paying for the associated costs. Dr. Gabriel will provide an in-depth look at costs associated with your specific procedure and identify any unique circumstances affecting the total price.

What is Care Credit?

When you can’t pay for a procedure upfront, CareCredit makes it possible to get your treatment without delays due to your financial situation. CareCredit is a credit card that allows you to pay off your treatment over time while still enjoying the results of your surgical or non-surgical procedure. Boost your self-confidence now but pay it off over time with CareCredit. Visit their website for more information about the credit card or to apply.

Can I still get plastic surgery if I need financial assistance?

Absolutely! Whether you use your own credit card or CareCredit, we understand the need to pay off your care over time. We do not want financial constraints to stop you from feeling better about your body. Call us to find out more about your options for paying for treatment.

Why should I see Dr. Gabriel for my aesthetic concerns?

Dr. Gabriel makes sure your aesthetic goals, your budget, and other concerns are in harmony. He takes great care in making cosmetic procedures as accessible as possible because he understands the power of feeling great in your own skin. Dr. Gabriel is a friendly, compassionate surgeon who wants to have a positive impact in other people’s lives without guilt over their financial situation. Get started with a confidential consultation today.

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