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Plastic Surgeon Vancouver WA


The decision to pursue cosmetic enhancement is highly personal to each individual, and may be among the most important decisions you ever make. Dr. Gabriel understands the preciousness of your trust and fulfills his promise to honor your goals and preferences with every treatment he performs. Every procedure is personalized, meaning it is tailored to seamlessly blend with your existing anatomy while modifying and correcting those flaws you are unhappy with. There is a natural authenticity to Dr. Gabriel’s results that makes him among the most sought out and arguably the best plastic surgeon Vancouver, WA has to offer.View Details.


A well-projected, nicely elevated and well-shaped breast profile is the hallmark of a youthful physique, and the trademark of femininity. Unfortunately, pregnancy, breastfeeding and the aging process can take a toll on the chest, causing the breasts to deflate, droop and lose their attractiveness. A Breast Augmentation can beautifully restore your upper body, boost your confidence and allow you to starting wearing the clothes you enjoy once more. Dr. Gabriel offers breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, breast revision, and breast reconstruction for those who have experienced injury, illness or congenital defects. For his male clients, he offers treatment to correct gynecomastia and streamline the chest.

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While some can effectively contour their bodies through dieting and exercise, not all of us are that lucky. We may have genes that predispose us to certain body shapes, or we may be struggling with the inevitable changes in the body that accompany the aging process. Body sculpting procedures such as tummy tuck, mommy makeover, arm lift, < a href="/body/brazilian-butt-lift/">Brazilian butt lift, liposuction and a full body lift can help you to feel positive about your physique and achieve a better fit in swimwear, evening-wear and everyday clothing. Excess fat, skin and tissue are trimmed away to reveal a sleeker, slimmer you that is ready for the beach, the red carpet or a night on the town. View Details.


As our first point of contact with the world, feeling confident about our features is a prerequisite for experiencing intimacy and positive, rewarding interactions with others. When we feel poorly about our appearance, it lowers our quality of life as well as our performance. Dr. Gabriel offers a variety of strategic facial procedures, including facelift, neck lift, otoplasty, brow lift and blepharoplasty, to create balance and harmony, along with self-confidence. Results are always natural-looking, enhancing your attractiveness without detracting from your identity. View Details.

People should notice your beauty – not your surgery.

  • Natural-looking outcomes – Dr. Gabriel is passionate about preserving the spontaneity and individuality in every patient. His approach is always conservative, yet goes far enough to address and correct your aesthetic flaws.

  • An informative consultation – A consultation with Dr. Gabriel is an in-depth exploration of your desires and the treatments that may be most beneficial to achieving your goals. Dr. Gabriel is adamant about ensuring that you make an empowered and well-considered decision to move forward with some of the best plastic surgery in Portland and Vancouver, WA.

  • Age-defying results – a well-executed cosmetic surgery can literally roll back the clock a decade or more, and provide changes that last for at least as long. While aging is inevitable, we need not surrender to its effect on our appearance.

  • Post-pregnancy physique – Women that have given birth may be the luckiest among us to experience the joy and warmth of motherhood, but they may also suffer unwanted changes in the breasts and body. Dr. Gabriel has helped thousands of women to regain their confidence with stunning results.

Each patient deserves an outcome that reflects their wishes and artistic sensibilities, but one that also complements the physical structure and contours of their anatomy. Finding the delicate balance between these two important goals is the plastic surgeon’s chief responsibly.

-Dr. Allen Gabriel - AG Aesthetic Center

Med Spa

Our cutting edge non-surgical treatments aim to dramatically revitalize your complexion while remaining minimally invasive to the skin. We offer IPL photo rejuvenation, Retin A treatments, laser skin tightening and Coolsculpting, among others.

Board-certified plastic surgeon in Vancouver, WA, Dr. Gabriel, oversees each procedure to ensure it is customized to meet your goals for improvement. We can treat sun spots, sun damage, rosacea, acne scarring, wrinkles and fine lines, dry or oily skin, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and a variety of other ailments which cause you to feel poorly about your self-image. Non-surgical treatments, such as BOTOX®, are an excellent way to roll back the clock without the higher risks and downtimes associated with surgical facelifts, neck lifts or eyelid lifts in our Portland Med Spa.

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Plastic Surgeon Vancouver WA

About Dr. Gabriel

Previously honored with the rare Humanism in Medicine Award, Dr. Gabriel was selected from nearly 13,000 board certified plastic surgeons to be named a “top 100 doctor” by RealSelf. He was chosen by the elite Integrated Plastic Surgery Program for a distinguished residency, during which he traveled to Ethiopia with Operation Good Samaritan. From breast reconstruction to delicate facial procedures, Dr. Gabriel possesses the nuanced skill and artistry to help you achieve your most cherished aesthetic goals. He believes that honest, transparent assessments combined with meticulous precision and attention to detail are key ingredients for a successful outcome. For some of the best results in plastic surgery Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA have to offer, contact Dr. Gabriel.

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Meet the Team

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State-of-the-Art Facility

Aside from our concierge-level care, at AG Aesthetic Center you will be blown away by our state-of-the-art facility. It strikes a balance between warm, inviting, fresh, and clean, which is always important in a facility where medical treatments are performed. We are equipped with the most advanced technology deliver a range of the best surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the greater Portland, Oregon area. Modern technology allows us to provide patients with industry-leading treatments in a precise manner to enhance your natural beauty with the shortest possible recovery times.

Traveling to Washington for Your Cosmetic Procedure

As a leader in the world of cosmetic surgery and superior patient care, Dr. Gabriel is often sought by people all over the USA and beyond. People from other areas turn to Dr. Allen Gabriel superior results in cosmetic surgical procedures and non-surgical medspa treatments.

Our staff are happy to guide you in your travel arrangements to the greater Portland area. Any questions regarding accessing our facility, staying in the area, and other concerns can be directed toward us. Our elevated level of service extends beyond the treatment room and we are willing to help you with any aspect of your journey to Vancouver, Washington.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Whether you have always been self-conscious about a certain aspect of your body or your cosmetic concerns have recently come to light with aging or weight fluctuations, Dr. Gabriel is committed to helping you make a positive and beautiful change. Our wide range of services and knowledgeable staff will help you bring your vision to life in the most natural-looking way.

Our practice focuses on natural results that will turn back the clock without the “worked on” look that can be associated with cosmetic procedures. We focus on precise, intentional changes that are subtle but can last for years to come.

Helping the Global Community

As one of the highest regarded plastic surgeons in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA, Dr. Gabriel doesn’t just focus on providing excellent care and life-changing transformations to the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, OR areas. His compassion for those affected by tragedies has taken him around the world to perform reconstructive surgeries. After the earthquake in 2010, he traveled to Haiti to help those who were injured during and after the storm.

Our accomplished doctor has also been regarded for his research and other contributions to the industry, including his recently-published book. He has also been awarded the Humanism in Medicine Award, which is a rare and prestigious accomplishment.

Concierge Care

At Dr. Allen Gabriel’s practice, undergoing a cosmetic procedure is more than just a medical treatment in a sterile environment. It is a transformative journey towards self-expression and authenticity, an unveiling of the real you beneath all the ravages of time, aging, gravity and genetics. We strive to create an atmosphere of total renewal and well-being, where you will experience comfort, convenience, personalized attention, and the utmost discretion. From our outstanding team of licensed RNs and medical assistants to our state-of-the-art accredited facilities, we go the extra mile to pamper you and provide you with outstanding, concierge care.

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