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InMode Evoke

For those seeking an age-reversing, face-defining, non-invasive treatment, we are excited to offer you InMode Evoke in Portland and Vancouver, WA, a revolutionary face remodeling procedure.

What is InMode Evoke?

Evoke is a hands-free facial rejuvenation treatment created by InMode Aesthetics. It uses groundbreaking non-invasive technology to deliver thermal facial and submental restoration. It is the first treatment of its kind to be able to provide contouring and structural re-organization of patients’ skin. The result of this treatment is a defined, younger-looking look.

How does InMode Evoke work?

Evoke works through a safe, non-invasive thermal process to remodel the facial or neck tissues. When the Evoke device is applied to the skin, it uses thermal waves to contour and provide structural re-organization to the tissues. Evoke uses bipolar radiofrequency energy that deeply penetrates into the subdermal layer. This energy heats the Fibro Septal Network and remodels the skin and subdermal tissue to create more defined facial features.

What are the benefits of Evoke?

Evoke is a revolutionary treatment that offers a multitude of benefits. These benefits include:

Evoke is a comfortable and painless procedure.

Evoke is an extremely comfortable treatment. The use of thermal energy causes many patients to feel a warm sensation during the procedure. You should not experience any discomfort, and throughout the treatment, some patients choose the time to read, nap, or watch TV.

Evoke grants substantial results.

The results of Evoke are instant and impressive. The contouring of the treated area provides a more defined, slender look.

Evoke provides inconspicuous, natural-looking results.

Evoke does not use any incisions and injections. It uses thermal energy to alter the skin and the underlying adipose skin cells. The slimming, contoured results look natural, and there is no sign that you received cosmetic treatment.

Evoke uses hands-free technology.

Due to the hands-free applicators, the Evoke procedure is nearly automatic.

Evoke is incredibly safe.

Evoke is a non-invasive treatment. The use of thermal energy safely targets treatment areas and does not damage the skin or surrounding tissues.

Evoke has little to no side effects.

While patients’ skin may exhibit some slight redness after being treated, it should be resolved within a couple of hours. There are no long-lasting side effects of receiving Evoke.

The procedure is short, and there is zero downtime.

The Evoke procedure typically takes under an hour. There is no recovery period or downtime. You can immediately resume your daily activities.

What kind of results can you expect with Evoke in Portland?

Evoke can provide you with effective fake and neck tightening that creates youthful, contoured skin and facial features. In many instances, the effects of Evoke can be comparable to that of a surgical facelift. With Evoke, you can achieve tighter, younger-looking skin and more defined facial features.

Why choose AG Aesthetic Center for your InMode Evoke treatment?

We at AG Aesthetic Center are committed to providing you with the highest quality latest treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We operate under our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Allen Gabriel, and our staff is expertly trained in rejuvenation techniques. We offer our patients personalized service and make each one of them feel like our top priority. We are committed to providing you with comfort and satisfaction throughout your transformative journey.

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