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Creating a more traditionally masculine physique with gynecomastia treatment in Vancouver, WA

While women typically desire and seek out an increase in their breast size, for men enlarged breasts can be a major source of embarrassment and frustration. Simple everyday activities such as changing in the locker room, going swimming at the beach, or hanging out by the pool can be fraught with anxiety over one’s appearance.

While gynecomastia in men is quite common, that doesn’t mean it should be tolerated. A male breast reduction can slim, tone and sculpt the chest, creating a more streamlined profile that can boost your confidence and give you a new outlook on life. With the years of skill and experience Dr. Gabriel has as a plastic surgeon, he offers arguably the best male breast reduction Portland and Vancouver, WA have available. The incisions are so well hidden, it will be virtually undetectable that you have undergone surgical intervention.

Dr. Gabriel is an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon serving Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA and beyond. He has performed hundreds of successful body sculpting procedures for both men and women, delivering nuanced, natural-looking outcomes that are long-lasting and highly customized.

Dr. Gabriel is a highly intuitive and compassionate surgeon who knows the value of discretion and provides personalized attention in a luxury setting.

Benefits of a male breast reduction include…

  • A better fit in tight clothing
  • More confidence in one’s appearance
  • A better first impression, both socially and professionally
  • A more conventionally masculine aesthetic
  • Results where dieting and exercise have failed to produce changes
  • A slimmer, sleeker upper torso
  • Complements other masculinization treatments for FTM patients
  • Long-lasting, sustainable results

Am I a good candidate for gynecomastia treatment?

Male breast reduction is appropriate for those who suffer from true gynecomastia, a condition that refers to “woman-like breasts.” Gynecomastia is usually diagnosed by a physician, and will not typically respond to non-surgical approaches such as exercising more or dieting.

Dr. Gabriel suggests that his Portland and Vancouver, WA gynecomastia clients be in good health, both psychologically and physically, with no major medical issues that might interfere with their treatment. Patients should be non-smokers, and be willing to follow Dr. Gabriel’s instructions both before and after surgery. Lastly, they should have realistic expectations for improvement rather than perfection, based on their confidential consultation with Dr. Gabriel in Vancouver, WA.

Where does my gynecomastia treatment take place?

Our outpatient surgical center is conveniently located in Vancouver, WA and boasts state-of-the-art technology, diagnostic and imaging software and world class equipment, along with a caring, knowledgeable staff on hand to assist you around the clock.

We adhere to the highest standards in both safety and cleanliness, while offering an uncommon degree of comfort and spa-like amenities. From our calming, climate-controlled reception area to our soothing recovery suites, your stay will be one of reward, healing and rejuvenation.

How can I get started with my gynecomastia treatment?

During this initial session, Dr. Gabriel will physically examine your chest and delve into your medical and surgical history. He will write down any medications you are currently taking and snap some preoperative photos for reference.

Men in the Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas who are struggling with unwanted excess breast tissue can contact Dr. Gabriel today to schedule a confidential, informative consultation that will provide all the answers you seek about the procedure.

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