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Whether due to pregnancy and nursing, gravity and the aging process, or simply poor genetics, the breasts sometimes begin to sag and deflate, with the nipples occasionally dropping below the breast crease. This condition can cause a less than attractive appearance and may interfere with one’s self-confidence.

A breast lift (mastopexy) is a procedure that can help reverse breast ptosis, along with a more appealing breast shape and nipple placement. While a breast lift can help improve the projection of the breasts, it cannot add volume, and is therefore often well-combined with a breast augmentation procedure.

Dr. Gabriel can suggest the best course of action for your needs and anatomy during your confidential consultation.

Dr. Gabriel always uses a “nipple-sparing” technique that preserves sensitivity and breastfeeding ability in the areolar complex. He is also extremely conservative in his approach to incisions, ensuring minimal scarring.

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Why Choose Dr. Gabriel for Breast Lift Surgery?

Dr. Gabriel is a world-renowned board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries. He’s a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the recipient of numerous awards and laurels for his contributions to plastic surgery. Most importantly, you should choose Dr. Gabriel for your breast lift surgery because he focuses on personalized treatments that provide optimal results based on your unique expectations.

What is the Difference Between a Breast Lift and a Breast Augmentation??

Women interested in improving the size, shape, appearance, and projection of their breasts are often unsure of which procedure(s) they might need to reach their treatment goals. A breast lift simply lifts the breasts without adding additional size or fullness. Breast lifts can provide the perception of slightly improved size and volume as they reduce age-related sagging, however, no actual volume is added. A breast augmentation procedure on the other hand adds size and volume through the use of saline or silicone implants, or, less commonly, injection of the patient’s own fatty tissue. Both can be done as stand-alone procedures, or they can be combined and done during the same surgery.

Who is considered a good candidate for a breast lift?

A breast lift is appropriate for women of all ages who are struggling with low-hanging, sagging breasts that have lost their perkiness due to pregnancy, aging or genetics.

Dr. Gabriel suggests the following guidelines for his breast lift clients:

  • Patients should be in good health, both emotionally and physically
  • Patients should be free from any major medical conditions such as hypertension or diabetes that might interfere with their treatment or recovery
  • Patients should be at or near a stable weight for their frame
  • Patients should be non-smokers, or willing to quit at least a month before surgery
  • Patients should have realistic expectations for their outcome based on consultation

Advantages of a breast lift may include:

  • Reversal of breast ptosis
  • Improvement in nipple position and angl
  • A more youthful breast aesthetic
  • Reduction of breast chaffing and irritation
  • Improved stamina and energy
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • A better fit in swimwear, evening wear and tight-fitting clothes
  • A more balanced, proportionate breast profile
  • An excellent complement to a breast augmentation or breast reduction procedures
  • Long-lasting, sustainable results

Options for the incision

There are several different placements for the incision during a breast lift and Dr. Gabriel will work with you to determine the best one for your goals, anatomy and lifestyle.


The incision is made to encircle the nipples, and is well hidden in the darker pigments of the areolar complex. This is appropriate for women with minimal breast ptosis.


The incision is made around the nipple and then stretches down vertically to the breast crease. This kind of incision is useful for those with moderate breast ptosis.


This incision begins by encircling the nipple, it then stretches down vertically to the breast crease, and then horizontally to create an anchor or inverted T shape. This type of incision will be most appropriate for women with significant breast ptosis, such as those undergoing a breast reduction procedure in tandem with their breast lift.

Your Breast Lift Consultation

Your breast life process starts with a detailed private consultation with Dr. Gabriel. The breast lift is a very personal procedure that is curated to address your specific needs and concerns. As such, you should be prepared to answer a wide range of questions and provide your medical history to help us help you with the ideal treatment plant. You can and should also take this opportunity to clarify your own questions and concerns.

Dr. Gabriel will review your medical history and ask for details about:

  • Current and previous medical conditions and treatments
  • Allergies
  • Current medications, vitamins, and supplements
  • Family history of breast cancer diagnosis
  • Lifestyle and dietary habits
  • Smoking, alcohol, and tobacco usage
  • Previous surgeries
  • Breast health and the results of previous mammograms and biopsies
  • Cosmetic goals and expectations

Dr. Gabriel will also examine your breasts to make a complete evaluation of your existing concerns and needs. During the evaluation, he’ll assess your skin laxity, sagging, fat deposits, and excess skin tissues. He might take measurements of your breasts and determine their alignment and proportionality. Based on your medical history, cosmetic goals, and evaluation, Dr. Gabriel will curate a treatment plan that ensures optimal results according to your expectations.

Breast Lift Recovery

After the breast lift surgery, you’ll spend a few hours in the recovery room, following which you can have someone drive you back home. You should arrange for a friend or relative to stay with you for the first 48 hours after the procedure. You might experience mild pain and discomfort for the first few days, manageable with prescription pain medications.

You’ll wear compression garments throughout your recovery to ensure optimal healing. Most patients can resume showering in 2 to 3 days and return to work in a week. However, you should avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting, and workouts for at least two weeks, and may be able to resume vigorous activities in about 4. Most patients recover completely in 6 weeks.


Can I breastfeed after a breast lift surgery?

Yes. You can still breastfeed after a breast lift because the nipples aren’t detached from the breast glands during this procedure. However, some women may be unable to breastfeed for unrelated biological reasons.

Will I need to stop smoking before the procedure?

You must stop smoking and nicotine consumption in any form (patches, chewing tobacco, gum, etc.) for at least 8 weeks before the procedure. Nicotine and smoking affect your blood circulation, which, in turn, affects your healing rate. You must stop smoking to ensure your scars heal properly.

Where will the scars be located?

The incisions are generally made in low-visibility regions, such as under the natural breast fold or around the darkened skin of the areola. Depending on the technique used, an incision might be made vertically from the areola down to the breast fold. Over time, with proper recovery and aftercare, most of the scars will fade into a dull pink. You can also opt for additional non-surgical cosmetic treatments to reduce scar visibility.

Can a breast lift surgery increase the risk of skin cancer?

No. The breast lift surgery doesn’t affect your breast cancer risks—for the better or worse.

Will I lose nipple sensation after the breast lift?

You might experience a temporary loss of sensation after the breast lift due to the swelling. However, permanent loss of nipple sensation is incredibly uncommon.

Breast Lift Portland OR

What’s my next step?

If you are in the Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA or surrounding areas and are frustrated with drooping, sagging breasts that have lost their shape, please contact Dr. Gabriel today to learn how our breast lift in Portland may be able to help create more youthful-looking breasts.

During your initial session, Dr. Gabriel will perform a physical exam along with a thorough review of your medical and surgical history. He will then take all the time needed to answer your questions in depth, including those regarding costs, financing and insurance; risks and benefits; recovery and downtime; and what you can expect from your final outcome.

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