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Jumpstart your skincare regimen with dermaplaning in Portland

With so many skincare treatments on the market today, it can be difficult to discern exactly which one will best suit your needs and solve your complexion problems. That is why it is so important to work with a master aesthetician who can immediately diagnose and treat your skin, whether you’re suffering from acne, oily skin, sun damage, age-related wrinkles and fine lines, or enlarged pores clogged with dirt, makeup and debris.

Dermaplaning is among the aesthetician’s best weapons in an arsenal devoted to improving a tired, dull complexion marred by impurities and blemishes. With the knowledge of our team, the passion we have for our patients, and the drive we have for results; we will help your skin stand the test of time and feel better than it ever has at any age. Schedule your private consultation in Vancouver, WA today and find out if dermaplaning can help get your skin back on track.

Benefits of dermaplaning

  • Helps reverse the effects of the aging process
  • Combats wrinkles and fine lines
  • Effective in treating acne scarring
  • Helps reduce enlarged pores
  • Reverses uneven pigmentation
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Removes unwanted facial hair
  • Creates a more youthful, radiant complexion
  • Improves self-confidence in one’s image

Who is a good candidate for dermaplaning in Portland?

Because dermaplaning is a gentle, non-invasive procedure, there are very few patients that won’t immediately qualify to receive its many benefits. Anyone who is frustrated with the quality of their complexion and its blemishes may consider dermaplaning as a viable treatment.

Of course, the only way to know for sure if dermaplaning in Portland is a match for your aesthetic goals is to set up a private consultation.

How does dermaplaning work?

Next, your aesthetician will gently scrape away imperfections and impurities from the skin using an ultra thin, sterilized blade. Most patients find there is little discomfort during treatment. Once your dermaplaning session is complete, you will be able to immediately return to your normal routine for the day.

Dr. Gabriel advises that you refrain from vigorous exercise for the rest of the day. You will be able to see results immediately; however, dermaplaning is a treatment that can be repeated often, at least once a month for optimum, comprehensive results.

Getting started with dermaplaning in Vancouver, WA

If you are interested in learning about an exciting new solution in skincare that can help provide a radiant, refreshed complexion and fight the negative effects of aging, please contact our office today to schedule a confidential consultation in privacy and comfort of our Vancouver, WA offices.

During this initial visit, we will examine your skin, perform a thorough review of your medical and cosmetic history, and take all the time needed to answer your questions in depth, including those regarding costs, financing and insurance; risks and advantages; recovery and downtime; and what you can anticipate in terms of your results.

We will also provide you with access to our before and after photographs for dermaplaning patients, so you can see for yourself the type of outstanding improvements he is able to facilitate for all types of skin.

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