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While ideally a surgical breast augmentation procedure will go right the first time and be performed by a skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon, this isn’t always the case. Some clients may be dissatisfied with the results from a primary breast enlargement surgery, which either didn’t go far enough or went too far, and they may seek out a revision that can achieve their original goals.

Other times, a woman may simply change her mind about the size of her breasts and wish to undergo revision surgery to establish a new, improved aesthetic. Some patients seek out revision surgery to help reverse a negative complication such as capsular contracture, rippling, bottoming out or “uniboob.”

Whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction, Dr. Gabriel can provide a customized, strategic solution that will restore a youthful appearance along with peace of mind.

Dr. Gabriel is highly compassionate and knows how stressful it can be to undergo an additional procedure when one has already sunk so much time and money into breast surgery the first time.

Rest assured, Dr. Gabriel is a seasoned veteran of revision techniques, and is able to navigate the most delicate of situations with consummate skill and nuance. He is known as one of the best breast revision surgeons in the Portland, OR area.

Breast Revision with ADM and Mesh

What is a Breast Revision with ADM?

Acellular Dermal Matrix, or ADM is used to correct a variety of issues that are common with breast augmentation surgeries. Breast implants can shift or move outside the breast area, causing them to sit too low or too far apart, or even too close together. When breast implants are not in their optimal position, ADM can be used to revise the breast within the existing space.

How Does ADM Work?

For almost two decades ADM has been used safely and effectively. Derived from the collagen produced by your body’s dermal layer of skin, ADM is a natural solution that gives skin its volume and strength. During the revision surgery, ADM is sewn to the pectoralis muscle and alongside of the breast. The specific location will depend what is required in your individual case.

Will I Feel the ADM After Revision Surgery?

Patients will not feel the Acellular Dermal Matrix after surgery. The ADM is collagen, and when placed alongside your breast, it will be absorbed and incorporate itself into the body’s tissue over time. Think of it as a bridge or support structure that corrects the positioning of your implants naturally, restoring the look that was intended.

What is a Breast Revision with Mesh?

Many patients, as a result of age or pregnancy will lose the natural strength and elasticity of the breast tissue. That strength is needed to hold the breast in position. Patients who have had implants are finding that their breasts are no longer looking as aesthetically pleasing and are drooping lower. Mesh is a surgical option that can be likened to having a sling or hammock to add extra support to your breasts that the tissue surrounding them is unable to provide.

How Does Mesh Work with a Breast Revision Surgery?

Mesh provides an internal bra to support your breasts that may be sagging, uneven, or have bottomed out from a complication to breast augmentation. The mesh adds strength to your body’s stretched tissue. The sheet of mesh will be placed to support your breasts, lightening the weight stress, so that your skin is less likely to pull and stretch as time passes.

Will I My Breasts Remain Where They Should Be?

The mesh itself comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure comfort and a proper fit. You will not feel the mesh. The internal mesh bra is made of absorbable materials that will fully dissolve over time. During the first year after surgery, your mesh bra will remain present in the breast. Over time, your body will replace the mesh with natural tissue. As the mesh fully dissolves over 24 months, the breasts will continue to be fully supported.

Common reasons for revision breast surgery include…

  • Implant exchange – This occurs when a woman wishes to replace her implants with those of a different size, shape or material, such as switching from silicone to saline or from a C cup to a D cup.
  • Capsular contracture – This occurs when the capsule around the implant hardens into scar tissue. It can range from mildly uncomfortable to very painful, and can distort of appearance of the breasts.
  • Breast asymmetry – If one breast is larger than the other, revision surgery can help to correct this imbalance.
  • Rupture – If an implant ruptures for any reason, revision surgery can replace the damaged implant with a new one, the cost of which is often covered by the implant manufacturer.
  • Malposition – Malposition is a general term for cases in which the breast implants shift from their normal position into one that is visually and functionally inferior. They may shift outwards, inwards, downwards or upwards. Common names for these conditions include bottoming out, double bubble, and symmastia.

Where will my breast revision surgery take place?

Dr. Gabriel is proud to offer his clients access to our state-of-the-art accredited outpatient medical center located conveniently in Vancouver, WA. Our facility offers access to cutting edge technology and equipment, as well as a world class staff on hand to assist you around the clock.

We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, while providing an environment of the utmost discretion, comfort and personalized attention.

How can I learn more about the breast revision procedure?

If you are frustrated with your primary breast augmentation results and are looking for a solution, please contact Dr. Gabriel today to schedule your confidential consultation. Dr. Gabriel sees clients from Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, the surrounding areas and indeed, from all over the United States and the globe.

During your initial session, Dr. Gabriel will perform a physical exam and a thorough review of your medical and surgical history. He will then answer all your questions in greater detail, including those on the topics of pricing, financing and insurance coverage; risks and benefits; recovery and downtime; and what you can realistically expect from your final breast revision outcome.

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