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Slim, shapely upper arms with an arm lift in Vancouver, WA

While the aging process is inevitable, many clients are not content to sit back and watch passively as their skin begins to sag and deflate, and their once-youthful contours begin to soften and decline.

The arms are no exception, and as the upper arm skin begins to droop, one may become self-conscious about wearing sleeveless clothing or swimwear. To make matters worse, dieting and exercise is rarely able to help correct these anatomical flaws.

Fortunately, our surgical arm lift in Portland, OR is a safe, effective solution for slimming and toning the upper arms to achieve a more attractive physique you can feel confident about. Dr. Gabriel performs brachioplasty to excise excess fat, skin and tissue, creating upper arms that reflect how youthful you feel on the inside.

The condition known as “bat wings” can be corrected with ease, restoring a proportionate, balanced and streamlined look to the arms.

Some advantages of an arm lift include…

  • A more youthful appearance overall
  • Results where diet and exercise have failed
  • A reduction in chaffing and irritation from low-hanging arm skin
  • An improved fit in clothing, swimwear and sleeveless shirts
  • Improved self-confidence in one’s image
  • Well-hidden scars
  • Long-lasting, sustainable results

Am I a good candidate for a brachioplasty?

If you are in the Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA area and feel frustrated with the appearance of your upper arms when you look in the mirror or at photographs, you may be an excellent candidate for an arm lift with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel. Only a confidential consultation with the doctor can truly determine if you are a candidate.

In general, Dr. Gabriel suggests that his clients adhere to the following criteria:

  • Patients are in good health, with no major medical issues that might impede surgery or recovery
  • Patients are at or close to their ideal weight, and are at a stable weight for their frame
  • Patients are non-smokers, or are willing to quit at least one month prior to surgery
  • Patients have not been able to achieve results with non-surgical means such as dieting or exercise
  • Patients have realistic expectations for improvement rather than perfection

Additional body contouring procedures

Dr. Gabriel is frequently sought out by clients for his consummate skill in body sculpting and innovative anti-aging techniques. He can create a customized package for comprehensively reducing the signs of aging such as loose, crepe-like skin, loss of fat volume and loss of muscle tone.

Results are highly natural-looking, and are personalized to reflect your aesthetic sensibilities, anatomy and lifestyle.

How can I get started with an arm lift?

The first step in achieving the body you desire is to meet with Dr. Gabriel in the comfort and privacy of his office to discuss the options available for cosmetic improvement.

During this initial session, Dr. Gabriel will ask you about the parts of your body you are unhappy with, and he will perform a physical examination as well. Next, he will review your medical records and ask you about any medications you might be currently taking.

Dr. Gabriel will make an effort to answer all your questions in detail, no matter how long it takes. He believes that a well-informed client has the best chance at a successful outcome. He can answer questions regarding costs, insurance and financing; risks and benefits; downtime and recovery; and what you can ultimately hope to expect from your final outcome.

During your consultation, Dr. Gabriel will give you the chance to review our library of before and after photography for arm lift clients, so you can see firsthand the beautiful results he is able to facilitate with minimal scarring and expedited downtimes.

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