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If you are seeking the benefits of powerful laser therapy without the harshness, the non-ablative, fractionated MOXI Laser by Sciton may be an excellent choice. It provides a gentle yet effective approach to skin resurfacing, stimulating cellular renewal while reducing hyperpigmentation. MOXI helps restore an even, attractive skin tone and texture without the need for lengthy downtime or discomfort. The treatment is appropriate for all skin types, making it among the most popular new additions to Dr. Gabriel’s anti-aging arsenal.

What is the MOXI Laser?

MOXI is a highly requested skin rejuvenation treatment due to its limited downtime and transformative results. It’s perfect for those just beginning to see the signs of aging or for those who wish to undergo regular maintenance to keep their complexion in pristine condition.

MOXI can address:

  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Poor skin tone and texture
  • Light sun damage
  • Lines, creases, and wrinkles
  • Preventing future signs of aging
  • Maintaining the results of more aggressive laser treatments

How does MOXI work?

MOXI emits fractionated laser energy that draws pigmented lesions to the surface of the skin where they flake off. Simultaneously, it helps to repair and replace damaged cells, improving the skin’s appearance from within. By triggering collagen regeneration, MOXI helps firm and tighten the pores, providing a more youthful aesthetic.

What are the benefits of MOXI?

  • Quick treatment time of around 30 minutes
  • Minimal downtime
  • Gentle and painless
  • Makeup can be applied within 24 hours
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Helps rejuvenate the skin tone and texture
  • Prevents the signs of aging
  • Corrects hyperpigmentation
  • Mitigates light sun damage

Who is a good candidate for the MOXI Laser?

MOXI is ideal for almost anyone who seeks clearer, firmer skin that is free from discoloration and minor sun damage. It can be used as a form of “pre-juvenation” to ward off the signs of aging before they take hold. It can also serve to preserve the results achieved with previous laser therapies.

What is the post-care like?

As MOXI is non-ablative, clients can expect minimal downtime. They will need to wear a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sunblock afterward and avoid applying makeup for 24 hours. The skin may be warm and pink after your session, as if you have a mild sunburn. This will subside by the next day. Over the next several days, the treated skin cells will flake off. Within around 5 days, your complexion will begin to appear more luminous and healthy.

Why choose Dr. Gabriel?

Dr. Gabriel is an experienced, seasoned board-certified plastic surgeon serving Vancouver, Portland, and beyond. He creates personalized, nuanced results that elevate your appearance to the next level, renewing your self-image and sense of security in how you look. He is dedicated to the safety, longevity, and well-being of each individual he works with and will only recommend solutions he truly believes are in the patient’s best interest.

Dr. Gabriel is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and has received international recognition for his sophisticated sense of artistry. He is the recipient of the rare Humanism in Medicine Award and one of the very few physicians in the United States to garner this honor. He was also selected out of 13,000 plastic surgeons to be named in the top 100 doctors in the country by RealSelf.

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