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The eyes are said to be the windows to your soul, revealing your inner beauty. Thick, alluring lashes are associated with desirability and vitality in many cultures. Sadly, you may not have been blessed with the doe-eyed lashes you desire. Applying false eyelashes every day is a tedious chore, and eyelash extensions are an option, but they can also damage your natural lashes should when removed. There is an option that can help you have thick, lush lashes for the long term. Latisse from Allen Gabriel, MD will help you naturally grow more alluring lashes.

What is Latisse?

Originally developed for the treatment of glaucoma, the drug Lumigan was found to have a side effect: thick, luxurious eyelashes. When used in smaller doses, this same drug stimulates eyelash growth producing longer, thicker lashes. Latisse is the first and only treatment approved by the FDA to stimulate the production of thick, luxurious lashes. When applied to the upper lashes daily, Latisse causes lashes to grow longer, thicker, and darker. For beautiful, lush lashes that grow naturally, Latisse is an incredible option.

Is Latisse an invasive treatment?

No. Latisse is applied only to the upper eyelashes each day. Using an included single-use brush, you paint one drop of Latisse onto your upper lash line each day. You should discard that brush and apply one drop to your other eye using a fresh brush. When applied regularly, you will notice luxurious lashes beginning to grow. Use of Latisse has been shown to produce:

  • A 106 percent increase in lash fullness
  • Lashes that are an average of 25 percent longer
  • An increase of dark pigment to your lashes by 18 percent

Will my eyelashes stop growing if I stop using Latisse?

Yes. If you cease using Latisse for eyelash growth, your eyelashes will go back to their previous appearance over time.

When will I notice results from Latisse?

Latisse begins to stimulate the growth of your lashes as soon as it is applied. Through a special process, Latisse extends both the number of lashes you have and the growth phase for those lashes. You will begin to notice results after approximately eight weeks. Fuller, thicker, and darker lashes will be visible after using Latisse for twelve to sixteen weeks.

Why should I choose Dr. Allen Gabriel for Latisse in Portland?

Since Latisse is available by prescription only, it is imperative that you use it only under the supervision of a medical doctor. Dr. Allen Gabriel is a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon who is recognized for his outstanding results and technical skill in a wide range of cosmetic procedures. Under his careful guidance, you can be sure that Latisse will be a safe, effective treatment for stimulating your lashes to grow to their fullest, most luxurious state. If you’re interested in growing thick, luscious lashes without the need for extensions or false lashes, Dr. Gabriel can advise you as to whether Latisse is an option for you. Are you ready to achieve a come-hither stare?

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